Floral Gossip

Ms Carnation

It all started in the family garden for me. I grew Ms Carnation like never-ending pop corn. She was very easy to handle and her off shoots from the stem where so easy to sow into the ground that there was a constant flow of Ms Carnation.

I enjoyed growing Ms Carnation but enjoyed more gifting het to my mother, teacher and close friends.

In the 1980’s is was all about Ms Carnation. Most bouquets sold housed Ms Carnation. Devoted Christian’s love her. Rumoured to have sprouted from the earth as mother Mary’s tears hit the ground as she stood heart broken, witness to her son’s Christ carrying his cross.

The story of her name

Named after – God of Zeus – Ms Carnation is regarded as the ‘flower of God’ or ‘flower of Love ‘ as her scientific name Dianthus was coined by conjoining two Greek words, ‘dios’, referring to the God Zeus and ‘anthos’ meaning flower.

Ms Carnation is a special one, she doesn’t seem to disappoint. She’s long lasting and very fragrant.

Suitable use a funeral or a holy communion.

Known for her dainty ruffled petals and she smells like sweet fragrance – reminiscent of Cloves or Cinnamon, it’s no surprise she’s will make you hunger for her.

The role of colour speaks volumes when it comes to what message you want to convey or portray at your next EVENT.

For example, Red carnations are a symbol of love and romance. Light red carnations spell out “I admire and care for you” and dark red carnations symbolises a romantic love.

Choosing cut flowers for a funeral

For me Funerals are about memories, the memory of togetherness, song and cut flowers.

  1. Availability plays a big role, with greenhouse farming most cut flowers are now accessible any time of year.
  2. Quality is a given, so be rest assured that you’re cut flowers are going to be making a HUGE statement at you’re EVENT.
  3. The language spoken by each cut flower. The meaning of the cut flower chosen.

Cut flower care

BELOW are some Blooming TIPS to help Ms Carnation last longer POST your Funeral or Holy Communion event.

  • Keep carnations cool at all times.
  • Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem.
  • Recut, slip on the heels at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in water.
  • Wash stem ends in bunches that have been field-grown.
  • Always use flower food as this will help buds open and keep open flowers looking fresh.
  • Replace vase water with fresh flower food on 3rd day.
  • Carnations are very sensitive to ethylene. Keep them away from fruit, car exhausts and cigarette smoke.
  • Cut the stem avoid the Node – knee or elbow
  • Good air circulation is paramount.