Ms Gerbera is named after German born Dr Traug Gerber. There are now over 200 varieties available in every colour imaginable including blue. Newer varieties have double petals, giving a fluffy look to the flower, or thin, spidery petals, or wider, thicker

Most Mr Iris is grown in the hills close to Melbourne or in Tasmania because of the requirement of cool temperatures. In the Language of Flowers, blue Iris means ‘you mean so much to me’, while yellow Iris means ‘passion’. The Cutflower

Mr Dahlia comes from a tribe that is the 2nd largest tribe in the cutflower kingdom; the largest tribe is the Orchidaceae family. MEXICO’s National flower since 1963. Mr. Dahlia comes in Different Outfits  he comes dressed as a Pom Pom, Single

While Mr Daffodil does not make the top 10 cut flower in the Dutch Auction System, they seem to make the tenth most popular pot plant in Holland. Keepers of poultry believe that Mr Daffodil prevent hens from laying eggs, so

Did you know that birds are attracted to the colour red before the other colour as the colour red is the colour of youth and excitement. So if you're looking for some excitement &  saucy behaviour in your life add

Air conditioning is not recommended around your cutflowers as it dehydrates the cutflower accelerating the aging process. It is strongly advised to tropical cutflowers e.g. Orchid, Lobster's Claw, Heliconia, Birds of Paradise just to name a few in an air

Use filtered water for your cutflowers as tap water is a crime. Cutflower are sensitive to the chlorine in the water. If you don’t have filtered water, substitute with rainwater, water left in your kettle used the day before or

Do not use flower food for woody stemmed cutflowers e.g. King Protea As it decreases their vase life. Wood stemmed cutflowers do best in rain or filtered water. Woody Stemmed cutflowers are all female which means slip on the heels Blossoms.

Experiments have done and the results are outstanding. Dropping an aspirin or one penny into a vase of water has merit, however its a quick fix and the following day it is recommended to use flower food. Flower food gives