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Cut flower MYTHS and TIPS?

During my travels across Australia visiting flower farms and delivering floral shows i have been very fortunate to meet passionate gardeners and cut flower lovers. They all shared a common thread that sparkle in their eyes whenever they where taking about nature and what it means to them.

Meeting so many people also meant lots of floral myths and floral tips were shared. So i thought i would share with you all what floral myths and tips i heard from the people of Australia to finally set the record blooming straight.

Tip = Ms Gerbera thrives better if you add a shot of black coffee with water into the vase.

Tip = Just add asprin into the vase of water with cut flowers as it make them last longer. A substitute for flower food.

Tip = Cut flowers that bleed a milky substance if burnt at the stems using a naked flame will stop the bleeding and then the cut flower will be ready to drink water in a vase.

Tip = Using a glue gun, glue the stem area of male cut flowers to keep the cut flower hydrated. Great for floral wired work and transporting cut flowers.

Myth = Using sugar in vase for cut flowers will make them last longer. unfortunately this method will accelerate the aging process and the cut flower will die sooner.

Myth = Misting cut flowers with water on display will make cut flowers last longer. The short answer is no. Some cut flowers don’t like a spray as it encourages fungi rot or brown spotting again accelerating the aging process. E.g Ms Gerbera will develop brown freckles if misted.

Myth = Dropping one copper coin into a vase of water will make the cut flowers last longer. For this to adequately work you will need quite a few and still the result will be poor compared to the other prosperous methods.

Myth = Just add lemonade and the cut flowers will famously thrive. On its own it will struggle to live to its knighthood as it needs other components to really make the formula soar. i.e vinegar and bleach.