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Don’t get RIPPED OFF this Valentine’s Day buying ROSES!!

There are 3 main things that you must do this Valentine’s Day when it comes to purchasing ROSES!

The 1st BLOOMING RULE – Don’t be in a rush to buy flowers.

  • as your order might get mixed up with another order. Oops!!!
  • lost, or
  • not delivered.

The 2nd BLOOMING RULE – Pre order your cut flowers.

  • You’ll be guaranteed better quality cut flowers. (Most of what’s on the floor are the left overs)
  • your order is now accounted for, so it will be definitely delivered.

The 3rd BLOOMING RULE – Don’t be afraid to ask your florist questions.

  • Where do my ROSES come from, interstate or overseas? Overseas ROSES are all gassed in quarantine.
  • Are my ROSES, field roses or glasshouse? Field ROSES are better usually fragrant opposed to glasshouse and last longer.
  • Are my ROSES treated? Which means, are they scolded and then left overnight in deep flower food water to hydrate further resulting in long lasting ROSES.
  • Are my Roses wet packed? Which means all the stems are gathered into tissue wet paper and sealed with cellophane.
  • and finally, Do my ROSES come with a sachet of flower food? Which is a salt looking substance that you sprinkle into the water of your vase to give your ROSES nutrients to lasting longer.

Extra valuable valuable tips to look for this Valentine’s Day when it comes to i.e. ROSES.

  • longer stem ROSES cost more.
  • the thicker the stem the more likely they will last longer.
  • the bigger the ROSE head the more expensive it is. 
  • steer away from ROSE heads that are small. They don’t open up well or not at all and don’t last long compared to the big head ROSES.
  • The less thorns the better quality ROSE it is.

Remember, good things come in blooming 3s .

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Valentine’s Day Roses 2020