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Long-life cut flowers

In a world that seems to be getting more expensive by the day, the first thing we do is that we stop spending money on leisure items.

Yes, cut flowers are one of the beautiful things we stop spending money on.

How many times, have I heard people say, cut flowers are a waste of money, they’re expensive and they die in two days.

Many factors impact on why cut flowers don’t last long and in this post I share three main reasons why your flowers may be drooping early, perhaps a bit like us towards the end of the holiday season.

1. Not all cut flowers have the same life span. Just like humans cut flowers have different life spans. Some last 3-4 days, other 4-6 weeks. Below is a short list of long-lasting cut flowers to help get you started.

2. flower food can help in extending the life span of your cut flowers. If you’re buying cut flowers from a florist they’ll probably give you a sachet of flower food, but that won’t last as long as your long-lasting flowers. So I’ve share my video on how to make your own cut flower food.

3. Temperature plays a big role in longevity of cut flowers. Different flowers can tolerate different temperatures but it’s a good idea to NOT put your flowers in a position where they receive all day sun or the hot mid-day sun, especially with the record-busting high temperatures we’re having here in Australia at the moment. If you really want to put your flowers on sunny table for a lunch leave them till last when setting up the table and take them off as soon as you can.

20 long lasting cut flowers

Ms Delphinium (1st grade)

Ms Hydrangea

Ms Sunflower

Mr Dendrobium Orchid

Ms China Aster

Ms Chrysanthemum

Mr Alstroemeria

Ms Carnation

Mr Snap dragon (1st grade)

Mr Gladioli

Mr Calla Lily

Ms Lavender

Ms Gerbera

Ms Baby’s Breath

Mr Crocus

Ms Violet

Mr Lily of the Valley

Ms Lisianthus

Mr Vanda Orchid

Ms Anthurium

So enjoy my darling blossom’s. HAPPY blooming.