Floral Gossip

What Cut flowers are allergy free for your home?

I have spent 20 years listening and learning from my customers about what cut flowers mean and represent to them in their life.

Some talk about the cut flowers grandma had in her garden and those cut flowers represent their childhood and family memories.

Some cut flowers represent anniversaries. Some customers keep buying the same first date bouquet every anniversary.

Whatever reason, whatever message you want to share with a loved one, cut flowers speak volumes for you.

BUT. Some people are allergic to some flowers and that can be a real issue, even if they do have a box of Telfast handy.

Because you want to make someone feel special I have created a list of the allergy free cut flower list I have put together.

Mr Crocus, Mr Daffodil, Ms Viola, Mr Geranium, Ms Rose (unscented),

Ms Lilac, Ms Hydrangea, Mr Tiger Lily, Mr Dendrobium Orchid,

Ms Carnation, Mr & Mrs. Peony, Ms Snap Dragon, Mr Iris, Ms Zinnia,

Mr Calla Lily, Ms Lavender, Ms Sweet Pea, Mr Gladioli, and Ms Delphinium

Mr & Mrs Peony Rose

Happy Blooming my darling BLOSSOMS!