Floral Gossip

What cut flowers can last up to 10 days+?

We all appreciate things more if they last longer, especially when it comes to cut flowers.

Every cut flower has a life expectancy, some cut flowers last longer than others. Some (Mr Daffodil) can last up to 3 days and some (Mr Cymbidium Orchid) can last up to 6 weeks.

Is the price of the flower an indication of how long it will last for?

The straight forward answer would be yes, however, not in all cases.

Does flower food really work?

The straight forward answer is yes, however native cut flowers (woody stem) no flower food because they don’t like it.

How to make your own flower food

Flower food added to water can help extend the life expectancy of your cut flowers. making flower food is so easy, all of the ingredients are in your pantry and laundry cabinet.

What else to do to extend the life of your cut flowers

Changing the water in your cut flower vase is probably the most important thing you can do to keep your cut flowers blooming longer. And I mean changing the water not simply topping it up. Two simple tips re your water changing are: 1. Change all the water every 2-3 days and 2. re-cut the stems when you see them starting to go a bit brown and change the water after you’ve done this. This keeps the bacteria levels in the water down that cause rotting.

So if your not sure where to start, be confident from now on, because I am here to help you out.

Here is a list of cut flowers that will help you get longer life from your blooming cut flowers.

Mr Dendrobium Orchid
Ms China Aster
Ms Chrysanthemum
Mr Alstroemeria
Ms Carnation
Mr Snap dragon (1st grade)
Mr Gladioli
Mr Calla Lily
Ms Lavender
Ms Gerbera
Ms Baby’s Breath
Mr Crocus
Ms Violet
Mr Lily of the Valley
Ms Lisianthus
Mr Vanda Orchid
Mr Anthurium

Ms Sunflower

Ms Delphinium (1st grade)
Ms Hydrangea

Mr Cymbidium Orchid